COD extensometers

Three models of Clip-on Gages extensometrs designed to work in different environmental conditions.

  • Model 3541 Fracture Mechanics Clip-on Gages
    For fracture mechanics studies, these COD gages are in compliance with standardized test methods, such as ASTM E1820 for determination of fracture toughness properties of metallic materials. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 3548COD High Temperature Fracture Mechanics
    Clip-On Gages (1200 °C or 1600 °C)
    High temperature COD gages for use in split type materials testing furnaces with a slot for the ceramic rods. Water-cooled and furnace bracket mounted, these extensometers are for use to 1200 °C (2200 °F). The high temperature option allows use to 1600 °C (2900 °F). They are specifically designed for fracture mechanics testing. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 7641 High Temperature Clip-On Gages
    Designed for fracture mechanics testing in environmental chambers where the entire gage must be exposed to elevated temperatures. These capacitive sensors may be used up to 700 °C (1300 °F) without any cooling. Download Data Sheet PDF