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New Model 3442AVG – Averaging Extensometer with Self-Setting Gauge Length

The clip-on Model 3442AVG averaging extensometer measures axial strain simultaneously on opposite sides of the specimen. Use it to measure elastic modulus, offset yield stress, stress-strain curves, and ultimate tensile strain.

The unit automatically averages out the effects of specimen misalignment on strain measurements. Averaging is recommended or required by many testing standards when measuring modulus or when testing in compression. When configured with two separate outputs, it can be used to measure % bending throughout the test. Averaging two measurement locations can improve accuracy and consistency.

The self-setting gauge length feature saves time – just clip the extensometer onto the specimen and it will be at its gauge length and ready for testing. The 3442AVG video shows the self-setting gauge length feature during a unidirectional composite tensile test.

The Model 3442AVG is suitable for tension/compression testing and is rated for strain control and for fatigue testing up to 100 Hz. It is smaller than other averaging extensometers, enabling it to fit in confined spaces.

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Epsilon is upgrading all strain-gaged extensometers to include the new Epsilon Shunt Calibration System

Epsilon is now shipping all strain-gaged extensometers with the new Epsilon Shunt System, a shunt calibration system that enables on-site electrical calibration with nearly all types of controllers and electronics. The Epsilon Shunt System also enables customers to periodically “spot check” the calibration of their electronics, which will help ensure that the extensometer and electronics were calibrated correctly.


Epsilon is providing this upgrade at no cost to help customers perform their testing with the highest efficiently, accuracy, and quality. Epsilon can also retrofit older extensometers with the Epsilon Shunt System.

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New Extensometer Videos Show Extensometers in Action: Model 3549 “Hot Mount”, 3442 Tensile, 3421 Shear

Model 3549 furnace extensometer – fast and repeatable “hot mount” demo

Model 3442 miniature extensometer – tensile test of high strength steel with 12.5mm gauge length

Model 3421 extensometer for shear testing of sandwich cores to ASTM C273, ISO 1922 – simple clip-on mounting

Model 3442 miniature extensometer – setup