Axial Extensometers

Standard temperature extensometers

Seven models of wide available ranges of measuring bases and axial displacements. Working temperature depending on option from -265 to +150C.

  • Model 3542 Axial Extensometers
    General purpose extensometers for axial tensile, compression, and cyclic testing. Gauge lengths from 10 to 80 mm (and 0.5 to 2 inches) and full scale measuring ranges from 5{a219fed7b4cfcb2858becb69b7fbafd7004bca02b0f03c27223b3cfff8baf31f} to 100{a219fed7b4cfcb2858becb69b7fbafd7004bca02b0f03c27223b3cfff8baf31f} strain. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 3442 Miniature Extensometers
    Small profile and ultra-light weight, these units are appropriate for testing small and delicate samples yet rugged enough for daily use on standard specimens. Ideal for wire specimens, sheet materials, and standard ASTM or ISO specimen geometries, and excellent for low and high cycle fatigue testing. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 3542L Axial Extensometers
    Long gauge length extensometers with gauge lengths greater than 2 inches (50 mm) for tensile and compression testing. These units have been specially designed for long gage length applications where low level strain measurements are required. Download Data Sheet DF
  • Model 3543 Long Gauge Length Extensometers
    This model is available in gauge lengths from 2 inches (50 mm) and larger, with measuring ranges up to 4 inches (100 mm). It is a uniquely designed unit that may be left on through specimen failure. These extensometers are widely used where long samples are required. They are ideal for testing steel re-bar, weld joints, and wire materials. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 3442AVG Averaging Extensometer with Self-Setting Gauge Length NEW
    The clip-on Model 3442AVG averaging extensometer measures axial strain simultaneously on opposite sides of the specimen. Use it to measure elastic modulus, offset yield stress, stress-strain curves, and ultimate tensile strain. The Model 3442AVG is suitable for tension/compression testing and is rated for strain control and for fatigue testing up to 100 Hz. It is smaller than other averaging extensometers, enabling it to fit in confined spaces. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 3800 High Elongation Extensometers
    Designed for plastics, rubber and elastomer testing, these extensometers have very long measuring ranges. Their unique design allows testing to failure and minimizes interaction with the sample. Download Data Sheet PDF

Hi-temp extensometers

Three model designed for test in temperature up to 1600 C and one device which can be used inside the chamber. Water cooling system as option in higher test temperatures.

  • Model 3448 High Temperature Axial Extensometers (1200 °C)
    Designed for use with furnaces and induction heating systems, these extensometers use Epsilon’s exclusive, self-supporting design. A wide range of options cover most testing applications. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 3549 High Temperature Hot Mountable Furnace Extensometers (1200°C or 1600°C)
    This model can be connected to the test sample in a few seconds. With very low sensitivity to vibrations, this hot mountable unit is ideal for the demanding requirements of strain controlled, elevated temperature axial testing and other common test methods. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 3648 High Temperature Capacitive Axial Extensometers (1200 °C or 1600 °C)
    This model was designed for low strain applications for use with split type materials testing furnaces or induction heaters. It features very low specimen contact force and includes a slide bracket for mounting. Water cooling allows use to 1200°C (2200°F) standard or 1600°C (2900°F) with the high temperature option. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 7650A High Temperature Extended Performance Capacitive Extensometers (1200°C or 1600°C)
    High precision extensometer measures axial strains on specimens at temperatures up to 1600 °C (2900 °F). Compatible with materials testing furnaces or induction heating. May be used for strain-controlled, high frequency fatigue tests. Slide mounting system enables mounting to hot specimens in seconds. Download Data Sheet PDF
  • Model 7642 High Temperature Un-cooled Axial Extensometers (600 °C)
    For use in environmental chambers where the entire extensometer must be exposed to elevated temperatures. These capacitive extensometers may be used up to 700 °C (1300 °F) without any cooling. Download Data Sheet PDF